Scotland’s largest and newest supplier of frozen at sea Langoustine for sale to distributors and wholesalers.

We represent the marketing and sales interests of a number of Scottish fishing vessels involved in the production of Langoustine from northern Atlantic waters.

We believe that at least 80% of Scottish frozen at sea langoustine is traded through our business.

The vessels offer a product that is guaranteed to be graded, packed and blast frozen within 4 hours of being brought on deck thus ensuring a product set at the highest standards.

The Benefits

The major benefit of our frozen at sea product over shore fresh and frozen is obvious. Quality is locked in within hours as opposed to days and therefore taste, freshness and nutritional benefits are preserved.

To the retailer/end user our product also offers increased shelf life and reduces wastage. We also ensure continuity of supply to our customers throughout the year.

We aim to ensure that the quality of the product is elevated through best practice and guarantee a future for the boats involved in the business by establishing a high profile business through a network of European distributors, wholesalers and agents.

  • > Supplying 80% of Scotland's langoustine frozen at sea
  • > Frozen live for maximum freshness when defrosted
  • > Excellent quality and taste preserved
  • > Hand graded and packed
  • > Only four hours between seabed and final product
  • > Increased shelf life - decreased wastage
  • > Full traceability
  • > EC health standards assured
  • > Members of the Responsible Fishing Scheme
  • > Sustainable source