Scrabster Harbour has a long fishing tradition and remains a top landing port with sales annually of over £20 million. Located just east of the four degree line, Scrabster’s location as the most northerly mainland port, places it in an ideal position for vessels working within the fishing grounds of the North and West of Scotland.

The port contains a modern refrigerated 2,000 box capacity fish market which is temperature controlled to ensure that optimum storage conditions are maintained to preserve the catch. Recent investments made by Scrabster Port Authority include the installation of shore power facilities, enhanced water and fuel supply, improved vessel access and a new 30 tonne flake ice machine. The harbour offers a comprehensive level of infrastructure that services and supports the needs of fisherman and their vessels.

John S. Duncan, a trading branch of the Don Fishing Company have been operating from Scrabster for over 50 years and remains Scrabster’s longest serving Fish Salesmen and Vessel Agent Company. Daily auctions commence at 9.30am, Monday to Friday where our salesmen conducts a traditional shout auction ensuring that catches are maximised to full value and that the best price is achieved

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