The Don Fishing are undoubtedly Scotland’s premier fish sales business. Our sales team operate fish auction services within Europe’s largest Whitefish port; Peterhead which has demersal landings of up to £190 million value per year.

Daily auctions commence at 7am, Monday to Friday where our team of 5 sales professionals ensure that the best prices possible are achieved. Our Sales team have over 160 years’ experience between them in the auctioning of seafood, making the Don one of the most knowledgeable fish selling companies in Scotland.

The Fish Market which is owned by Peterhead Port Authority is accredited for the BRC global standard in storage and distribution. With temperate control in the market, vessels and lorries can discharge into a secure environment, designed to create optimum conditions for the preservation of the catch. Strict hygiene regulations are in place and are enforced by Environmental Health Inspectors and PPA’s own HSEQ advisor to ensure that the quality of the catch is maintained and preserved throughout the supply chain.

Peterhead Daily Landings


Peterhead Daily Prices